Disability Advice Service Lambeth (dasl) is Lambeth's leading pan-impairment Disabled people's organisation. 

We are a member organisation because Disabled people are stronger when we work together.

Our vision is of a world in which diversity is valued, difference is celebrated and equal rights and opportunities are enjoyed by all. 

We work to support Disabled people in Lambeth and other London boroughs to:

•    achieve our legal rights and entitlements
•    be in control of our lives and independence
•    be active in our communities and not isolated
•    grow our skills and fulfil our personal ambitions
•    be listened to and influence change together

We believe in the social model of disability, which states that we are Disabled by barriers placed by society, rather than because of our impairments. By capitalising the D in Disabled people, we emphasise the exclusions placed on us and embrace our shared identity.