Instead of having social services arrange your support, you may be able to receive your personal budget in the form of a Direct Payment and arrange it yourself.

Most people use Direct Payments to employ one or more Personal Assistants (PAs).  This may be somebody that you know, and you can arrange their working hours to suit you.  Some people use Direct Payments for other services that meet their needs, such as paying for a care agency or a day service.

Who is the Direct Payments Support service for?

Direct Payments are offered to anyone who has been assessed as having eligible care and support needs, including Disabled adults, older people, people with long-term health conditions, and families with Disabled children.

Most Direct Payments users receive council funding for social care, but some people receive a Personal Health Budget from health services.  Our service can also support self-funders who use their own money to employ Personal Assistants or carers.

What support can we provide?

If you have been assessed and referred to our service by social services, we will make initial contact within a few days.  We will allocate a member of our team to support you with setting up Direct Payments as soon as we can.

We can support you to complete all the paperwork to set up Direct Payments, including an agreement with the council and setting up accounts with specialist payroll and insurance companies.  These services can deal with a lot of the technical and legal aspects of being an employer, and provide free advice.

If you know somebody who can work for you as your Personal Assistant (PA), we can support you to set them up with payroll and provide a contract of employment.  We can discuss how the support will be arranged, help you to write a job description, and tell you what you can do if any difficulties arise.

If you need to find someone to work with you, we can support you with the recruitment process. This might include writing a job advert, advertising online, carrying out interviews, and post-interview checks including DBS (criminal records) checks.

We can provide ongoing support with any issues that may come up.

We provide training courses for employers - more information here.

We have a Direct Payments Peer Support Group – more information here.

Get in touch...

Our full contact details and links to referrals forms are in the section "Contact the Direct Payments Support Service" on this page.

If you are already using Direct Payments, or if you are going to pay for your own care and support, you can refer yourself by contacting us.

To set up a new Direct Payment, we require a referral from social services, or from health services for health-funded cases.  Most referrals are made by a social worker following a needs assessment by the council.  Referrals can also be made for people who need support at any stage of the Direct Payments process.

If you are a professional and you want to make a referral, you are welcome to contact us and discuss the process. We can send you a referral form and explain what other information we need (it’s slightly different for adults and children).

Download information leaflets below, or request a hard copy using the contact details at the top of this page.

Everything you need to know about direct payments pdf
How dasl can support you pdf
Being an employer pdf
Using a care agency pdf

Contact the Direct Payments Support Service:

By phone: 020 7501 8960 

By email:

[email protected] 

By referral form adults
By referral form children