We have a long history of working in the community to develop projects and activities to support the voice of Disabled people, campaigning on key issues for local Disabled people and working in partnership with Lambeth Council, Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and other voluntary organisations on policies and strategies.

Our role is more than providing the major services - information, advice, advocacy and direct payments support. We work with and in support of many hundreds of Disabled members, people who use our services and the wider disability community.

We provide a community development service for Disabled people as part of the Connect Lambeth partnership.

We support Disabled people to create and take advantage of opportunities. Our community projects break down isolation and enable Disabled people to be active in their communities and make a valuable contribution.

We welcome Disabled people to volunteer and do work placements and offer mentor training to support people either in one-to-one settings or in groups. Our mentors support Disabled people at our activities and help to develop new ones.

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