Call for submissions:
We want to celebrate our community, our history and experiences by compiling creative materials from our members into a zine on the theme of Disability History Month.

What is a zine? 
A zine is an independent, self-published creation. It often takes the form of a handmade booklet printed in small numbers. It is pronounced “zeen”. They can cover many topics and have historically been a platform for marginalised people to document their experiences, express ideas and build community.  

Your submission may be inspired by the following prompt: 

  • What does being Disabled/part of the Disabled Community mean to you?
  • UK Disability History Month 2021 themes: “Disability and Hidden Impairments” or “Disability Sex and Relationships” 

You may submit: 

  • Visual Art (collage, painting, illustration, drawing, etc) relevant to the theme 
  • Poetry relevant to the theme
  • Short stories and essays (max 1500 words) relevant to the theme

The zine will be published online and participants will also receive a printed copy.
Please send your submission to [email protected] by the 14th December 2021.
We are committed to making submissions as accessible as possible. We can also arrange for your submissions to be collected or cover postage. Please get in touch for more information.