We welcomed Roxane, our Co-production Mentor, at the end of November 2020. The aim of her role is to work with local people across South East London’s 6 boroughs to enable them to understand the aims of co-production and personalised care.

Roxane will engage with people with lived experience by facilitating our co-production group looking at Personal Health Budgets and building a co-production network across South East London that embraces the personalised care agenda.  

Here is a little more from Roxane about her new role:  

"I am excited to have joined dasl's team as Co-production Mentor. I was previously involved in campaigning, organising and co-production to improve Disabled people's experiences of higher education. I also studied and researched the marginalisation of Disabled people within global social justice movements. Disabled people continue to be widely exculded from decision-making processes both locally and nationally. I believe that people's lived experience and expertise should be central in informing decisions affecting people's lives including care, education and work. 

I am excited to use my previous experience and own lived experience of living with a hidden disability to look at how co-production - a way of working based on an equal relationship between service users and professionals - can be developed across South East London. This will be an amazing opportunity to make sure that Disabled people's lived experience is at the centre of the design and delivery of service they use and the care they receive."

Find out more about our co-production work here