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Mohamed joined dasl from April to June this year from University in East London, where he was studying Accounting and Finance, and wanted to get more work experience. Mohamed joined our Intosport project, working with Husnara Zaman, dasl's Intosport Coordinator. This is what he had to say about his time with dasl:

“I have really enjoyed working with dasl. The work you do is amazing and the services you provide remind me that there are still a lot of people that want to do good in the world. Everyone in the team made me feel welcome which helped me get comfortable. I grew an attachment to the work I was doing as it became more than just work, as I saw first-hand how it was helping the people involved. 
The sessions that I had the pleasure to be part of were innovative and made the most of the current circumstances. The participants loved the sessions and were constantly asking for more of them; the fact that dasl can provide them free is incredible. I watched participants develop bonds with each other in sessions that provided a chance to socialise and forget about what has been going on in the outside world.

Nara always kept me busy but never gave me so much I felt overwhelmed. She is a great manager and I see how passionate she is about her work. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me use my knowledge of basketball to give the participants relevant exercises. This helped me develop my confidence, which is a skill I have been working on that will help with my employability. Whenever I needed help, Nara was always patient and willing to assist which made the experience working with her a delight. Nara is well organised and extremely efficient; I feel those traits have rubbed off on me more and more the longer I have had the pleasure of working with her.

Overall, I believe that I will be able to use the skills I have learned throughout this process to transfer into any job I work in the future. I have also developed an understanding on how volunteering could help improve my portfolio and make me more employable.
Overall, I really enjoyed working with dasl. The participants were fun and welcoming and I see why the sessions are so necessary. The fact that I never woke up dreading work was beautiful and that was because of the amazing people I got to work with. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and will take the things I learnt and continue to develop them.”