What is a Personal Assistant and what does the job involve?

A Personal Assistant (PA) works directly for a Disabled person, supporting them to meet their individual needs and live as independently as possible.

It can be a rewarding and varied job, suitable for people with either personal or professional experience supporting Disabled people, as well as anyone studying or interested in learning more about social care.  Most PA jobs are permanent contracts with guaranteed hours, paid at London Living Wage.

PA jobs working with Disabled adults, older people and children can involve things like personal care and housework, but others may involve support to go out in the community, social and leisure activities, or managing correspondence.

Who would I be working for?

We support individual employers to recruit staff, including PAs for Disabled adults and carers for Disabled children. If you are offered a job, you would be working for the individual employer, not for dasl.  

The employer might be the Disabled person themselves, or a friend or family member acting on their behalf.  If you apply for a job, the individual employer will decide if they want to offer you an interview.  Different employers may wish to carry out interviews by phone, video call or in person.

How do I apply for a job?

You can contact dasl's Direct Payments team to get a list of our current vacancies, which change all the time as new jobs come up or close:

Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  020 7501 8960

For many jobs you will need to apply via our team at dasl, but some employers may prefer you to contact them directly.

If you sign up to our "PA register" mailing list, you will be informed about all new job vacancies as soon as they become available.

Add me to your mailing list for PA jobs?

To join our mailing list for all new PA job vacancies, please complete the two forms linked below.  The "PA register form" gives us key information such as your contact details and availability, and you will need to give signed consent for us to keep your details on file.  The "PA profile" gives you the opportunity to tell employers a bit more about yourself and why you would be a good candidate for a PA job.

If you have any trouble filling in the form, you can contact us to complete the form over the phone (see contact details above).

PA register form

PA profile template

What other resources are there for finding PAs or finding a PA job?

We use a number of websites to advertise PA jobs.  Some of these are free to use, but individual employers may be able to use part of their Direct Payment budget to pay for advertising on other sites.  Some jobs might be advertised locally to the employer , for example by putting flyers up in shops or community centres.  We support employers individually to find the best ways for them to advertise.  If you are looking for a PA job, the best way to hear about all vacancies is to sign up to our mailing list (see above).